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Welcome to our Website

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce ourselves and our services.

It's official!  We are a brand new consulting group serving the cosmetic, personal care, and allied industries.  We may be new, but we offer a wealth of experience and expertise to our clients.
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What we do...

We are a cosmetic and personal care R&D development company.  We strive to partner with visionary clients in creating landmark products.  We have a creative and insightful approach to our work.   Please click below to be taken to our Services page.
Mechanical ThinkingThe Nature of Innovation

Innovation is an often used, and abused term.  It means different things to different people and to different corporate cultures.  To some, it means merely being different, to others it means optimizing and improving existing models.  These disparate approaches hint at two fundamental aspects of Innovation-creativity and knowledge.

While these approaches may validly be termed as Innovations, we believe in a deeper, more integral, interpretation of the term - a more fundamental one.  Our approach and operating principle is that "Innovation is the outcome of creativity meeting knowledge for the purpose of adding value".
Top DownOur Approach

In order to create winning products, there must be alignment of the emotional, aesthetic and functional aspects of the product. It's a synergy between marketing, craftsmanship, and technology.

We firmly stand for advancing the "State of the Art" in cosmetic product development, by properly formulating the most advanced ingredients and technologies.

This is achieved by utilizing the creative synergy of our understanding of fundamental scientific principles, with our vast experience in formulating "world class" cosmetic products.
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