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Product Development Spotlight
  • Developed the Dr. Patricia Wexler product line (25+ sku’s)

  • Developed the Pure Simplicity product line (25+ sku’s)

  • Bigelow Brand (50+ sku’s)

  • Frederick Fekkai Brand (30+ sku’s)

  • Niadyne Brand (10+ sku’s)

  • Bath and Body Works Antibacterial Brand (10+ product types, 100+ sku’s)

  • Development of  “Liquid Powders” and “Prescriptives Star Magic Liquid Powder”

  • Developed  Estee Lauder “Time Zone”

  • Developed Estee Lauder “Time Zone Eyes”

  • Developed Estee Lauder “Quick Lift Four Minute Masks”

  • Developed Prescriptives “All You Need”.

Technology Spotlight
  • Transparent magnetic materials used in Estee Lauder “Energize”

  • Formulation of stable Vitamin C and Retinol preparations.

  • Enhanced artificial tanning technologies.

  • Novel cosmetic stick formulations.

  • Hybrid nanocomposites used in "LaMer Toner".

  • New emulsion types. 

  • New anhydrous stick technology.

Technology Platforms
  • Supercritical fluids

  • Sol/Gel Technology

  • Liquid crystals

  • Delivery systems

  • Liposomes

  • Dendrimers

  • Encapsulation Techniques

  • Emulsion Polymerization

  • Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acid Products

  • Natural Ingredients

  • Biochemical Technologies

  • Biliquid Foams

  • Multiple Emulsions

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